Honoring Instinct


I really got shook at the grocery store today. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s the one where the cashiers will stop ringing you up to talk to a coworker like they are friends in the street?

Anyway, I’m standing at the fish counter, and not a soul is there. I might as well have been out in the middle of a river with a worm on a string. The thing is, I would not have gotten as agitated had I not just come from the overpriced cheese department. Cheese prices have doubled on the same shit I’ve been eating for years. Gentrification rears its funky, creamy, nutty spreadable head again.

Anyway (part deux), I leave the counter sans fish in my basket, and b-line for the cashier with a half fulfilled grocery list. Maybe I’ve been in my feelings too much lately. Maybe I’m just honoring instinct. Thank the grocery god. The woman ringing me up is at the end of her shift. She has not a moment to spare for chatting with coworkers, checking her nails, or rolling her eyes at the flirtatious cashier one line over. I chuckled to myself because her urgency to get the fuck out of there matched mine like this was Tinder for Shoppers. I load my backpack, leave, exhale deeply, and unlock my bike. As I ride home the traffic lights are on time. No knucklehead attempted homicides from entitled drivers. I spotted the cutie I see waiting for the 10 trolley sometimes. I’m good. I’m feeling light. This following the instinct moment went just right.

I get home and start putting away my half-assed groceries with a witchy smile on my face. I sit down to read a book I’m really in to. Dammit. I didn’t get coffee creamer. I  gotta drink my coffee black tomorrow morning, cause I’m sure as hell ain’t gonna mess with this good witchy instinct thing and go back out. Then I remember that caramel goddess that spent a couple days with me. She giggled a lot and liked to dance half naked in my kitchen. Yeah…she drank her coffee black. So tomorrow morning, I’ll make the image of her be the sweet cream in my coffee.

Yeah….this witchy instinct thing is pretty good.

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