Here we find ourselves. Our minds treading in murky waters of mixed messages… hoping to discover an ounce of clarity in the earth stained waves. Our hearts pumping feverishly to evade emotional hypothermia from the sudden departure from shelter. I foolishly thought you lost your footing and fell from the deck of the ship. When I dove in after you, it was soon clear that did not want to be saved. It’s as if you preferred to linger stranded..alone and dehydrated…deprived of the quench of companionship. Perhaps the size of the ship frightened you. Perhaps the abundance of provisions stocked in the Galley were intimidating. Perhaps you believed that an endless supply of mutual enlightenment, safety, chemistry, laughter and unexpected joys would prove to be too good to be true. I’ll never know, because we both watched the unmanned ship slowly become swallowed up in the nautical twilight. Our eyes unsure as they scanned each other passively…only using our paripheral vision. The melodic tones of our past pleasures become muted by the disappointed thrashes of the ship’s wake. All three entities left to mourn in isolation.

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