Seal the Well

curly hair mask cape superman

I guess what I’m saying is, the time to “work on” racial equality in America is long past. They should’ve listen when we first ask, let alone the multiple times through history. I personally don’t except, “Let’s talk about what we need to do to change things.” That means you’re asking me to stop resisting, and tolerate even more of the abuses while you figure out how to cope with giving up your privilege. Can you hear yourselves? I have a better idea. How about YOU tolerate me calling you on your shit, starving your businesses when we out your racist practices, and stomping you when you stomp one of us. Why don’t you give US a minute to collect OURselves…collect all shades and society levels of our race, our allies, the dignity of our amazing culture, and the wealth that we are owed with interest. I didn’t put question marks at the end of those sentences, cause I ain’t asking. You have a generation of Souls on this planet that are playing the racial hate game, and they don’t even have a reference for why they’re doing it. Its “just how it is”. That is unacceptable! Imagine being born black in America, and for no explainable reason, your skin color makes you automatically less human. It’s like an actual rule of the country…everybody knows it and let’s it be. That’s the first attack on a black child that causes PTSD and many other mental health issues that we either work out, or they work the hell out of us through our lives. That depends on our backgrounds and resources (which are scattered at best) Oh…and the hits keep coming. Then when you get older and smart enough to see the whole picture, you realize that the folks enforcing these rules are just a handful of punks with wet kitty litter clumps for hearts. But they are so protected by the deeply embedded rules, that you can’t get your hands on them. You get to a point where you still need to break something…whatever you can. It’s like banging on a pipe hundreds of feet down a well, in hopes that someone hears the faintest sound that puts your rescue into action before you run out of breath.Well, too many of us have run out of breath. There are too many bodies at the bottom of that well. It’s time to seal that well up, so no more black kids can fall into it.

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